We’ll take as much care servicing and repairing your vehicle as we did building it. Our highly skilled service teams will help keep your Ford in tip-top condition and safe to drive, which could also contribute to its resale value. For the first time, Ford has introduced a National Pricing list. It means you’ll know precisely what you’re going to pay – no surprises or hidden extras. Expect value for money, professional service and high quality parts, because no-one knows your Ford like Ford does.

Fixed price services and repairs
With the introduction of our National Pricing list, you’ll always know exactly what the cost will be for a service, repair or maintenance.

A guide to servicing and repairs – plus hints, tips and promotions
This guide tells you all about servicing and repairing your Ford, including tips on how to check your vehicle yourself in between services, plus some money-saving promotions.
All you need to know about Ford servicing
Bringing your Ford in for regular checks ensures your warranty remains unaffected. But do you know how often your vehicle needs servicing, what types of service we offer, and the different ways to pay for it?

Service promotions
A wide range of promotions which proves that high quality servicing needn’t come at a high price.

Have your Ford repaired by people who know it inside out
Ford-trained technicians, Ford original parts, and Ford Dealer quality control ensure the best possible results.

Rapid Fit for rapid repairs
Rapid Fit offers a while-you-wait service, with no need for an appointment. Our service teams can get you and your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Choosing and checking your tyres
It’s tempting to take them for granted, but your tyres are crucial to the performance and safety of your Ford. That's why we make it a priority to find the best tyres for your car and offer free tyre checks.

Vehicles over 3 years old are required by law in the UK to have an annual Ministry of Transport test (or MOT test) – an inspection of your vehicle to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law.

Self Checks between services
Find out how to check your car regularly and help avoid things going wrong.

Service and repair FAQs
If you’ve any queries about servicing your Ford, take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions.

Choosing the right oil for your Ford
All of our Ford vehicles leave the factory filled with Castrol oil, which gives you benefits from mile one. With the right oil, you can continue to enjoy these benefits and keep your vehicle running at its peak for longer.

FORD Service. Let us take care of your Ford.

We’ve created a new range of services to help keep you on the road and maintain your vehicle in an excellent condition.

Free FORD eCheckFree
UK and European Roadside Assistance*
Ford Accident Management, a free service to all drivers
Comprehensive service and maintenance plans
Use of quality Ford parts
The latest diagnostic equipment and tools used by our Ford trained technicians
Independent quality, carried out by the RAC on any service and repair work**
Book your Ford Service online
One call for everything Ford 0203 564 4444
Also available is the Ford Service App, which combines many useful features in one application. Wherever you are going in the UK and the rest of Europe, the new Ford Service app makes sure you’re always on top of the situation, providing you with lots of useful features and the help you need. Click Here for more information.

*Available with Ford Scheduled Services and Ford Motorcraft Minor and Major Services. **In-Dealership quality checks are conducted by the RAC on any service and repair work that has been completed on customer-owned vehicles to ensure that Ford Motor Company’s high standards are met. †Terms and conditions apply.


Competitive prices and excellent service for Ford vehicles aged 4 years +

Designed especially for Ford vehicles aged 4 years or older, Motorcraft offers a range of services, repairs, MOTs and tyres to maintain your Ford in the best possible condition. It offers pricing inclusive of parts, labour and VAT, as well as warranty on labour and parts. Take advantage of our great service and have your car looked after by Ford-trained technicians using the latest equipment and Ford quality parts.

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